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Now Accepting Applications for the 2024‒2025 Scribes Fellows Program
Scribes—The American Society of Legal Writers is launching a Canvas site to provide outstanding content about legal writing to its members, law-review editors, and other interested individuals. To accelerate content development and showcase talent from various parts of the legal profession, the Scribes Board has created the Scribes Fellows Program to attract attorneys, judges, academics, and librarians willing to produce original, engaging content related to legal writing. For the second year, which will run from June 2024 through May 2025, Scribes will select two Scribes Fellows. For more information on compensation and the application process, please see this document.
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Navigating the World of Law Reviews: A Deep Dive with Scribes' Board Members on The Law School Lounge Podcast
The world of law reviews can be daunting, especially for new editors. To shed light on the subject, “The Law School Lounge” podcast recently featured an enlightening episode. Host Krystal Norton welcomed two experts on the subject: Dean Darby Dickerson of Southwestern Law School and Professor Brooke Bowman of Stetson University College of Law. Both are distinguished board members of Scribes – The American Society of Legal Writers. Their conversation delved deep into the complexities of law reviews and journals, touching upon their historical context, structural intricacies, and their profound influence on the legal field. The episode spotlights “The Scribes Manual for Law Review Editors”, a comprehensive guide co-edited by Dean Dickerson and Professor Bowman.  For budding law students and those contemplating participating in law review, this episode promises a wealth of insights. Tune in on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/49czCdW. But the learning doesn’t end there. Dive into a reservoir of resources tailored for law reviews and law review editors. Head over to https://www.scribes.org/law-review-project/ to snag your copy of the Scribes Manual, sign up for the upcoming National Conference for Law Review Editors, and unearth more treasures. With Scribes by your side, you’re on track to elevate your legal writing prowess. Don’t miss out!
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