The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Volume 11

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Table of Contents

From the Editor


The Art of Consumer Drafting
Wayne Schiess

The Ten Worst Faults inDrafting Contracts
Duke McDonald

Globalizing Legal Drafting: What the Chinese Can Teach Us About Ejusdem Generis and All That
Preston M. Torbert

The Other Side of Ejusdem Generis
Gregory R. Englert

True Confessions of a Diddle-Diddle Dumb-Head
Richard C. Wydick

Hunting Down Nouners
Joseph Kimble

Reducing Citation Anxiety
Darby Dickerson

Stop the Blind from Leading the Sighted: A Proposal to Improve the Quality of U.S.Law Reviews
Ross P. Buckley

Why Prolixity Does Not Produce Clarity: Francis Lieber on Plain Language
Nelson P. Miller

The “Best of” Series: Kenneth F. Oettle

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Notes on Contributors

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