The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Volume 12

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Table of Contents

From the Editor


Scribes After More Than 50 Years — A History
Thomas M Steele & Norman Otto Stockmeyer

Lessons in Drafting from the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Joseph Kimble ​

Designs for Courses on Drafting Contracts
Peter Siviglia

May it Please the Classroom: Using Pending United States Supreme Court Cases to TeachAppellate Advocacy and Persuasive Writing
Greg Johnson

A Study in Editing
The Scribes Journal Editors

The “Best of” Series

Writing for Your Client
Wayne Schiess

Writing to the Trial Judge —For Motions
Wayne Schiess

Writing to the Trial Judge —For Affidavits
Wayne Schiess

E-mail Like a Lawyer
Wayne Schiess

When Your Boss Wants It the Old Way 
Wayne Schiess

Book Notices

Notes on Contributors

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