The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Volume 16

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From the Editor

In Memorium

Beverly Ray Burlingame


The Doctrine of the Last Antecedent, the Example in Barnhart, Why Both Are Weak, and How Textualism Postures
Joseph Kimble

Bamboozled by a Comma: The Second Circuit’s Misdiagnosis of Ambiguity in American International Group, Inc. v. Bank of AmericaCorp.
Kenneth A. Adams

What a Breeze: The Case for the “Impure” Opinion
Ross Guberman

​The Lawyer’s Struggle to Write
Matthew R. Salzwedel

​Future Predictions About Legal Writing: Redundancies and Musings
Kenneth Bressler

The “Best of” Series

Legal-Writing Myths
Gerald Lebovits

On Terra Firma with English
Gerald Lebovits

Free at Last from Obscurity: Achieving Clarity
Gerald Lebovits

Notes on Contributors

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