The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Volume 3

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From the Editor


What Does “Plain Language” Mean These Days?
Barbara Child

Twenty-Five “Dos” for Appellate Brief Writers
Roger J. Milner

Extra-Special Secrets of Appellate Brief Writing
Nathan L. Hecht

Point: In Defense of Legalese
Walter P. Armstrong

Counterpoint: In Defense of Plain Language
Stanley M. Johanson

Rebuttal: In Defense of Legalese — Once More
Walter P. Armstrong

Heroes of the Revolution: Henry D. Sedgwick and Timothy Walker
Mark E. Steiner

A Model Plain-Language Act
David C. Elliott

The Many Misuses of Shall
Joseph Kimble

Shall Must Go
Michele M. Asprey

Rebuttal: A Response to Asprey
Joseph Kimble

On Beginning Sentences with But
Bryan A. Garner


A Sequel to “An Epistolary Essay”

The Legaldegook Awards: 1991-1992

A. Darby Dickerson, A Gallery of Cartoons on Lawyers and their Language


The Trial Lawyer
Stephen F. Fink

Polar Persuasion
Beverly Ray Burlingame

A Law Reviewer Reminisces
Christopher D. Tussling

Peggy Sue Revised
Darrell Hancock

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