“Write to Be Heard” Webinar Series Now Available

Promotional image for Write to Be Heard Series which is available on-demand 24/7

Scribes−The American Society of Legal Writers and the American Inns of Court have worked together as education partners to develop a series of courses on effective legal writing.

The series consists of four one to two-hour courses featuring presenters who will unpack the key ingredients of effective legal writing and offer perspectives on how practitioners and judges can bring greater clarity and vigor to their written work. Presenters will discuss strategies for enhancing readability and expression, as well as offer practical tips to help today’s legal writers capture and hold the readers’ attention.

The series is designed to appeal to lawyers and judges of all ages and stages throughout the United States, with each individual program within the series tailored to a specific audience: in-house counsel (and outside counsel advising an institutional client’s key executives), trial and appellate practitioners, and lawyers who seek to use their writing skills to raise their professional profiles.

Read Jillian Schumacher’s introduction to the series to learn more. Read the article.

To register for one or more of these continuing legal education webinars, go to https://www.pathlms.com/innsofcourt/courses/49625.